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10 Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Household

Climate change is on everyone’s mind, and as we speak, all it takes is one quick Google search of “Australia fires,” and you can see how important this issue is. People’s interest in the climate vary from country to country, but a study in the Spring of 2018 ( had found that internationally, our concern […]

Our Operational Update

If you visit urbanmine today, you’ll find our commitment to transparency, service, and fair pricing unchanged. Nevertheless, you will notice we’ve made some changes to protect our customers and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sanitation – all counters, door handles, and other commonly touched surfaces are being disinfected frequently throughout the day. Social Distancing – […]

Catalytic Converter – Responsible Recycling

  In response to environmental concerns, governments started mandating stricter pollution controls for automakers in the late 1970s. One of the most effective ways to reduce tailpipe emissions for gas-burning vehicles was the addition of a ‘Catalytic Converter’ to the vehicle’s exhaust stream. The converter uses precious metals to kick-start chemical reactions in the exhaust […]

They don’t make’em like they used to!

The useful life of household appliances is shorter than it used to be. Purchase prices have come down as manufacturing processes have become more efficient. It costs less to build machines with fewer mechanical parts, and more electronic ones. As the machine ages, mechanical parts can be repaired or replaced, which is good for your […]

Make the Most of Your Scrap Metal at urbanmine

If you’re an electrical or plumbing contractor or work in another business that generates scrap metal, you can maximize your business’ profits by selling your scrap material for top dollar. In the past, the business of scrapping metal could be untidy, with muddy lots and a confusing system of payment for your material. urbanmine is […]

Not All Metal is Created Equal

All metal is worth something. The exact value of your scrap metal can vary though, and scrap prices are volatile. That can mean the difference between $ and $$$. What affects it? Several things actually, but some of the main ones are: The market price The going rate for scrap metal fluctuates in the same […]

Recycle Around The House…Even the Kitchen Sink

There’s a lot you can recycle around the house…even the kitchen sink! Scrapping isn’t just for the professionals anymore. There are a lot of regular household items you can recycle, and maybe even pick up some cash! Personal electronics Don’t drop it in a landfill. urbanmine is a registered Recycle My Electronics drop-off depot. Bring […]

Before you recycle that electronic device…

Thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste ends up in Canadian landfills every year. The culprit?  That old flip phone and outdated computers. Your used electronic devices may have reached the end of their lifespan, but there’s a better place to put them than the local landfill. Urbanmine is a registered Recycle My Electronics drop-off depot. […]

Redefining Metal Recycling in Manitoba

Metal recycling is not just scrapping anymore. And we should know—our family has been doing this for almost 100 years! We’ve been taking your steel, copper, brass and, yes, aluminum for four generations, and we’ve learned a lot. LEAN methodology is all about finding efficiencies and reducing waste. We’re passionate about LEAN workplaces, and we […]