At urbanmine we recycle metal, electronics, batteries and catalytic converters. Using innovative processes and modern equipment, we prepare all the materials to be reused in a safe way that’s good for the environment and good for our customers. Our public scales are our promise to be honest and transparent. We also sell ingot and help you recycle eWaste. Our clean yard and friendly staff ensure it’s a great experience from the moment you arrive whether you’re buying, selling or disposing.

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We Buy

Scrap Metal

Types: Steel, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, high-temperature alloy or lead
Shapes: Plate, sheet, pipe, wire, fittings, castings, skimmings, dross or slab, appliance
Amount: From a few pounds to multiple container loads
Note: See our Large Enterprise services for details on how we can provide an urbanmine container on your site for large loads and also pick up from your location

Catalytic Converters

Types: There are countless different grades of catalytic converters found in vehicles dating back to cars built in the late 1970s. They were installed to help reduce carbon emissions. Car manufacturers all installed different converters
Shapes: Any size or shape or age
Amounts: One at a time or a trailer load
Note: Urbanmine is an expert in identifying and grading converters to make sure you get the best price possible. We are a competitive one-stop shop for your metal and converters.

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Lead-Acid Batteries

UM Batteries for Website 2015August26_DIL_6529
Types: All lead-acid batteries
Sizes: From car, truck and equipment batteries.
Amount: From one battery to a trailer load.
Note: Waste batteries contain hazardous material and have strict shipping regulations. These regulations can cause stress, aggravation and discourage people from battery recycling. Unfortunately too many batteries are irresponsibly thrown out causing enormous harm to the environment and water sources. Please allow urbanmine to take care of your acid batteries safely for you and the environment. Urbanmine inc. is a Licensed Waste Battery Transfer Facility in accordance with the Canadian, Manitoba and US government dangerous goods handling legislation.

We Recycle


Types: Desktop or laptop computers, monitors, televisions, keyboards, mouses, scanners, fax machines, copiers, printers, stereos, speakers, DVD/CD players, iPods, iPads, PDAs, radios, cell phones, alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries
Shapes: Working or not working
Amounts: One item from your basement that fits in your trunk or an office load of equipment that comes in a truck
Note: Electronic waste is a growing concern as it contains hazardous materials that cannot be placed in landfills. As computers and electronics become more affordable for individuals and offices that require the newest and most efficient systems, we all see more and more unused electronics piling up. The result is a huge volume of obsolete and non-functioning electronic equipment that poses an environmental issue if disposed of irresponsibly. Urbanmine’s Electronic Waste Recycling program is designed to divert hazardous materials contained in electronic waste from entering landfills and water sources. Thanks to the Manitoba Government Recycling Programs there is no longer a charge for dropping off electronics.


There are a few items we cannot accept. They include:

  • Hazardous materials (paint, oil, antifreeze)
  • Radioactive Materials (smoke detectors, radium luminous devices)
  • Non-metallic items (tires, wood, ceramics)
  • Compressed gas cylinders (propane, helium)
  • Items containing refrigerants (compressors, air conditioners)
  • Items containing PCB’s (transformers, capacitors)
  • Explosives (firearms, live ammunition)
  • Flammable materials (gasoline, solvents, oil)
  • Other hazardous materials (pesticides, fluorescent lights, thermostats)

Please contact us if you’re unsure if we can accept your items.

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“I like the read-out scale. You can see it.”

— Don Zieglgansberger

Don's Salvage, Estevan, Saskatchewan

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“Extremely open and transparent.”

— Lise Baker

General Manager, Champ Industries

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“Concerned about the environment.”

— Lyndon Finney

Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Tool and Die

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“Big enough to handle our products.”

— Barry Fraser

Production Manager, Imperial Steel Products

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“Beautiful, clean... This is a scrap yard?”

— Terry MacLeod

CBC Radio Manitoba, Broadcast October 2009

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