At urbanmine we recycle metal, electronics, batteries and catalytic converters. Using innovative processes and modern equipment, we prepare all the materials to be reused in a safe way that’s good for the environment and good for our customers. Our public scales are our promise to be honest and transparent. We also sell ingot and help you recycle eWaste. Our clean yard and friendly staff ensure it’s a great experience from the moment you arrive whether you’re buying, selling or disposing.

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We Buy

Scrap Metal
Catalytic Converters
Lead-Acid Batteries

We Recycle



There are a few items we cannot accept. They include:

  • Hazardous materials (paint, oil, antifreeze)
  • Radioactive Materials (smoke detectors, radium luminous devices)
  • Non-metallic items (tires, wood, ceramics)
  • Compressed gas cylinders (propane, helium)
  • Items containing refrigerants (compressors, air conditioners)
  • Items containing PCB’s (transformers, capacitors)
  • Explosives (firearms, live ammunition)
  • Flammable materials (gasoline, solvents, oil)
  • Other hazardous materials (pesticides, fluorescent lights, thermostats)

Please contact us if you’re unsure if we can accept your items.

  • A-lu-mi-num Jingle

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  • Dead Car, Good Deed

    Old Parts New Starts gets polluting cars off the road. Turns them into cash donations.

“I like the read-out scale. You can see it.”

— Don Zieglgansberger

Don's Salvage, Estevan, Saskatchewan

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“Extremely open and transparent.”

— Lise Baker

General Manager, Champ Industries

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“Concerned about the environment.”

— Lyndon Finney

Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Tool and Die

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“Big enough to handle our products.”

— Barry Fraser

Production Manager, Imperial Steel Products

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“Beautiful, clean... This is a scrap yard?”

— Terry MacLeod

CBC Radio Manitoba, Broadcast October 2009

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