• Recycling Product News – Metal Recycling Redefined

    Winnipeg-based Urbanmine is taking a fresh approach to the scrap business.

    RPN Oct 2016 Urbanmine Cover Story

  • Urbanmine Launches Mobile Service

    In an effort to make metal recycling even easier for small businesses the Urbanmine team is on the road now, bringing trucks and scales directly to the back door of tradespeople like plumbers and electricians, to farm yards and small construction sites.


  • CBC Radio News – Urbanmine Beats Recession

    “When I walked into the office I thought, ‘I’m walking into a software company with sleek furniture, beautiful clean precise lines, brand new.’ I thought, ‘this is a scrap yard?’ ….He (Mark Chisick) said ‘This is deliberate because we’re a different kind of business’ and urbanmine … typifies the way they think of it. This is a ‘mine’ in the city where you can find metal if you’re really resourceful about it.”


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  • Rise of the Urbanminers

    “Adam Chisick has adopted the wisdom of his grandfather’s time and retooled it for his socially conscious generation. With his father and grandfather behind him, he’s turned the family junk business of the 1900s, founded in north end Winnipeg, into “urbanmining” today, with a metal recycling warehouse, in the south end of Winnipeg. Today, urbanmine clients range from backlane ‘urbanminers’; …to ‘lean’ manufacturers who are looking to be efficient in their operations.”

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  • The Road to Urbanmine with Don’s Salvage

  • How to Be Lean Manufacturer with Urbanmine

  • Working with Equal Opportunities West

  • Old Parts New Starts for Habitat for Humanity

  • Urbanmine’s History

  • A-lu-mi-num Jingle

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  • Dead Car, Good Deed

    Old Parts New Starts gets polluting cars off the road. Turns them into cash donations.

“I like the read-out scale. You can see it.”

— Don Zieglgansberger

Don's Salvage, Estevan, Saskatchewan

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“Extremely open and transparent.”

— Lise Baker

General Manager, Champ Industries

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“Concerned about the environment.”

— Lyndon Finney

Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Tool and Die

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“Big enough to handle our products.”

— Barry Fraser

Production Manager, Imperial Steel Products

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“Beautiful, clean... This is a scrap yard?”

— Terry MacLeod

CBC Radio Manitoba, Broadcast October 2009

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