CBC Radio News – Urbanmine Beats Recession

“When I walked into the office I thought, ‘I’m walking into a software company with sleek furniture, beautiful clean precise lines, brand new.’ I thought, ‘this is a scrap yard?’ ….He (Mark Chisick) said ‘This is deliberate because we’re a different kind of business’ and urbanmine … typifies the way they think of it. This is a ‘mine’ in the city where you can find metal if you’re really resourceful about it.”


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  • A-lu-mi-num Jingle

  • Dead Car, Good Deed

    Old Parts New Starts gets polluting cars off the road. Turns them into cash donations.

“I like the read-out scale. You can see it.”

— Don Zieglgansberger

Don's Salvage, Estevan, Saskatchewan

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“Extremely open and transparent.”

— Lise Baker

General Manager, Champ Industries

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“Concerned about the environment.”

— Lyndon Finney

Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Tool and Die

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“Big enough to handle our products.”

— Barry Fraser

Production Manager, Imperial Steel Products

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“Beautiful, clean... This is a scrap yard?”

— Terry MacLeod

CBC Radio Manitoba, Broadcast October 2009

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