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Small Business Recycling

As a small business owner, you can create a revenue stream by recycling scrap metal. Here, we will break down what fits into that category and show you how you can maximize your return when you decide to make money recycling. First, let’s identify some common metals that can be recycled. Ferrous Metals: Steel & […]

Tips to Make Money While Renovating

There is no doubt renovating is time-consuming and expensive. So, we have gathered a few tips about what you can get money back on and how to do it.  COPPER Copper is a valuable metal commonly found when making home improvements, especially where electrical or plumbing work is involved. Copper is in high demand and […]

How Residential Waste Drop Off Works at Urbanmine

Did you know that Urbanmine accepts waste material from residential customers? We accept metals, electronics and batteries. We want the process to go as smooth as possible for you, so we have rounded up some tips and tricks that might help when you come to drop off your recyclable waste.  Before You Arrive Before you […]